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Team Portal for CENTERSTAGE Season (2023-2024)


Grant Opportunities

FIRST is not regranting money to teams this season. Do not apply for more grants than you can use in the FIRST storefront.

Check the FIRST Grant Opportunities for the latest list that is published by HQ (updated often).

Heartland STEM Grant (not listed at FIRST)

  • The initial grant is $500, with an additional matching fund of $1,000 available for organizations that do additional fundraising
  • Apply for this grant here

FIRST Rookie Grants (listed on the FIRST site above).

  • Rookies – $275 to cover registration and $225 toward equipment
  • Apply for this need based grant here
  • Do NOT pay FIRST registration before grant notification
  • Deadline is Nov. 11, 2023

FTC Sim Rookie Grants (not listed at FIRST)

  • Rookies – $1,000 to cover registration equipment
  • Teams awarded this grant are not eligible for the need-based FIRST rookie team grant.
  • Apply for this need based grant here
  • Do NOT pay FIRST registration before grant notification

John Deere Grants (listed on the FIRST site above)

  • Teams must be within 40 miles of Coffeyville, KS or Springfield, MO facilities or have a John Deere employee mentoring virtually
  • Do NOT pay FIRST registration before grant notification.
  • Learn more and apply here
  • Deadline is Sept. 30, 2023

Boeing Employee Mentors Grant (listed on the FIRST site above)

  • Applications are open from August 9 until September 29, 2023 for Boeing employees and retires only. 
  • In order to receive a Boeing sponsorship, a team must have a Boeing employee or retiree who commits to volunteering for the team at least 25 hours over the course of the season.
  • Teams can receive an $800 grant
  • Do NOT pay FIRST registration before grant notification if you want to use for this purpose
  • Grants are restricted for 2023-2024

KC STEM Alliance Grants (not listed at FIRST)

  • Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas
  • Jackson, Platte, Clay and Cass counties in Missouri
  • Grants are awarded to support and increase student participation in FIRST Tech Challenge
  • Learn more and apply here
  • Deadline to apply is Sept. 15, 2023 by 5 pm CT
  • Notification of status on Sept. 22, 2023

BAE Systems’ FIRST gran  (not listed on the FIRST site above)

  • BAE Systems’ FIRST grant application is now open. 
  • Application deadline is September 22, 2023
  • Teams must meet at least one criteria:
    • Teams located within 75 miles of a BAE Systems site
    • Teams with BAE Systems mentors
    • Teams with an existing relationship with BAE Systems
    • Teams demonstrating diversity in STEM

Bayer (formerly Monsanto) Grants (listed on the FIRST site above)

  • MO = 55 miles from Kansas City, Matthews and St. Louis facilities
  • Invitation only grant – you need a contact or ask for one at the local site
  • Learn more and apply here
  • The application period begins July 1, 2023 and closes July 31, 2023 at 11:59 (CT).

REV Robotics Team Sponsorships (listed on the FIRST site above)

  • The sponsorships are for use on REV products and intended for both rookie and veteran teams that excel on the playing field while being good stewards of their local FIRST community through sharing their knowledge with other teams.
  • Learn more and apply here
  • Application opens soon. Deadline TBA.

GoBilda Team Sponsorships (not listed at FIRST)

  • Offering Strafer Chassis Kits (normally $499.99) for only $150 to 150 FIRST FTC Teams (both rookie and veteran)!
  • Learn more and apply here
  • Application opens soon. Deadline TBA.

Gene Haas Foundation Team Grants  (not listed at FIRST)

  • Offering $2,000 Grants to both rookie and veteran teams
  • Learn more and apply here
  • No Annual Deadline: Teams will be funded annually (one submission per year)

FIRST and NewsCorp have a special section in

  • Open to public school teachers for items (not registration)
  • Learn how one teacher has been successful with here
  • Learn more here
National Registration - $295 to FIRST

All teams must complete National Registration and pay the non-refundable $295 fee (or have a grant to cover). Teams are allowed to order equipment prior to their two adult coaches completing the Youth Protection Program (YPP). However, teams will not be allowed to register for local events until YPP screening is a Yes for both coaches.

Watch for Rapid Enrollment (including EASY Consent and Release) for students via a coach generated team-specific QR code. Coming this Fall.

Check the GRANTS tab below for opportunities before registering.

MO/KS Registration - $225 to FIRST in Missouri

Teams must pay a flat $225 fee to participate in Missouri/Kansas competitions.

This non-refundable fee covers:

  • League Meets
  • League Tournament

This fee does not cover:

  • Post Season Events (Championship)

We have a NEW process for payment. FIRST in Missouri will issue an invoice from our QuickBooks system. Grants applied to your FIRST  Dashboard cannot be used for MO/KS fees. The two systems are not connected.

Invoices can be paid with paper checks, electronic fund transfer (EFT) or credit card.

Season Overview

There will be 7 Leagues for CENTERSTAGE. Each League will have up to 36 teams.

  • STL North
  • STL Mid
  • STL South
  • SE
  • SW/MidMO
  • KC East
  • KC West

League Meets

  • A Meet is a robot play only event. They last approx. 4 hours. Min. size 6 teams, max size 12 teams.
  • Each League will offer multiple Meets so that teams have flexibility on dates/locations
  • You want to play in at least 2 Meets so that you have your top 10 match scores to carry into the League Tournament

League Tournament

  • A Tournament is a full day FIRST experience with judging, qualifying matches, alliance selection and play, and an award ceremony
  • All League teams must play in their League Tournament
  • Advancements to the MO/KS Championship will be determined once total team count and League assignments are completed.

MO/KS Championship

  • 36 teams at MO/KS Championship this year
  • Event is scheduled for March 2, 2023 at Missouri S&T in Rolla
  • Entry fee of $150
  • # of teams to advance to Houston TBD

FIRST Championship in Houston, TX scheduled for April 17-20, 2024.

Kickoff Videos 

Mentor Network Profile

Teams are encouraged to build a profile for the FIRST Mentor Network. This is a new system and we need to show the community how we would appreciate their involvement. The registration is for in-person or virtual mentoring – this could be amazing for teams without many engineers nearby. But don’t forget to ask for help with budgets, presentations, etc.

FIRST and FIRST in Missouri will encourage businesses to share with their employees.

Learn more about the FIRST Mentor Network.

Outreach Opportunities

Opportunities for outreach:

We would like to suggest the following opportunities to keep our MO/KS robotics community connected:

  • Online mentoring of new teams
  • Building up our community by sharing experience/skills
  • Using the Mentor Network to advertise for your own mentors but also to get the word out to potential mentor pools
  • Volunteering at an event for another level of FIRST programming – FIRST LEGO League students love to see “big robots”
Off Season Opportunities

There are usually off-season events across the country.

Check FIRST Events listing and watch for announcements in our Tech Tuesday Newsletter.


Missouri/Kansas Specific
Wider Scope
Training Resources




Volunteer at an FTC Event

Inspire young people to be drivers of positive change and use
science and technology as a force for good in the world.

Whatever your expertise, FIRST in Missouri has a volunteer opportunity for you.

View our MO/KS FIRST Tech Challenge Volunteer Flyer.

View volunteer opportunities for our CENTERSTAGE Meets, League Tournaments and the MO/KS Championship HERE.

Access training courses through your FIRST Dashboard account

View Volunteer Role Descriptions HERE

Leagues - Map and Team Listing

Team Location Map for the CENTERSTAGE season.

Teams will be assigned to their League in FTC Events. Results and history can also be found at FTC Events.

League Meets (November 4, 2023 - January 20, 2024)

Current Meets in MO/KS for CENTERSTAGE

Meet Ranking Form will be open from September 26 – October 3

Final schedules posted 10/17/23

League Tournaments (Jan 27 - Feb 10, 2024)

1/27 – KC East at Metropolitan Community College
1/27 – SE League at Southeast Missouri State University
1/27 – STL South at Fox High School

2/3 – SW/MidMO at Drury University
2/3 – STL Mid at Lafayette High School

2/10 – KC West at Piper High School
2/10 – STL North at SLCC Flo Valley

Missouri Kansas Championship 3/2/24

The event is scheduled for March 2, 2024 on the campus of Missouri S&T in Rolla. MO.
This will be a 36 team, single division event.
Entry fee is $150 for post-season play.

  • TBD # of teams that will advance from Missouri Kansas Championship to the FIRST Championship in Houston, TX from April 17-20, 2024.
Event Cancellation Policy

Events for our region are booked and scheduled in advance. Event managers have the authority to cancel an event if their facility determines conditions to be unsafe. This policy would apply to inclement weather or any other public safety issue including a lack of screened volunteers.

Meets can be rescheduled at the League Manager’s discretion.

League Tournaments will not be rescheduled. If a League Tournament  is cancelled, judging will take place remotely. We will work with the coaches to schedule remote judging sessions. Judged awards will be  based on judging sessions and team ranking will be determined from Meet scores.

If an event is not cancelled, it is up to the discretion of the parents and coach to determine if they will attend. No refunds will be given.

Out-state Teams

Our number one priority is to serve the FIRST Tech Challenge teams in Missouri and Kansas. Our teams are now competing in a League system and outside teams will only be considered if there is no local Partner and no competition path. Teams would only be able to play in MO/KS system – no other location.

Please contact us at for further discussion.